Financial Assistance

We partner with public non-profit foundations and drug manufacturer programs to help make sure your prescriptions are affordable and accessible.

Types of Financial Assistance

There are 2 types of financial assistance available to patients to lower their out-of-pocket costs for specialty prescriptions.

  • Manufacturer, Copay, and Discount Programs
    • Offer financial assistance through drug manufacturers
    • Secondary form of payment to offset a patient’s copay or
      out-of-pocket costs
    • Covers most brand name drugs
    • CANNOT be used by Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal or state funded program
  • Patient Assistance Programs
    • Offer financial assistance through organization to help uninsured, underinsured, and Medicare patients
    • Have criteria patients must meet before receiving benefits
    • Qualifying criteria can include:
      • Income
      • Dependencies
      • Coverage for select medications
      • Yearly applications
      • Compliance with taking medications as prescribed
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We support you through every step of the process! Here’s what you can expect.

Step 1

Call 800-496-6111 to obtain financial assistance info for commercial, Medicare, Medicaid insurance holders.

Step 2

If eligible, you will be enrolled by the specialist or provided with a website or phone number to enroll yourself.

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Step 3

We’ll contact you after you’re approved to discuss any additional info needed to receive all appropriate discounts.

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Step 4

Once enrolled and approved, you can immediately schedule your medication for delivery.

Step 5

Our team will track how long you’re covered under the program to ensure you’re covered for as long as possible.