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What is Zytiga/Yonsa or Abiraterone Copay Assistance?

Zytiga, Yonsa or Abiraterone copay assistance can come in many forms with the most common being a copay card. However, there are dozens of companies and non-profit organizations that offer different forms of Abiraterone copay assistance. Often many people will find it hard to navigate finding the right copay assistance program(s), and keeping the benefits.

Our team will handle every step of this tiresome process for you with very little effort on your end. The QuickRx team will help you or your loved one get the maximum Abiraterone copay assistance in accordance with qualifications.

What is Abiraterone Acetate?

Abiraterone Acetate is the generic name for Yonsa and Zytiga. It is a prescription medicine that’s used in conjunction with prednisone to treat men with prostate cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. It works by blocking the production of hormones that can stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

What if I'm on Medicare but can’t afford Abiraterone Acetate?

We believe that high deductibles and copays shouldn’t prevent anyone from receiving the medications they need. That’s why at QuickRx, we offer a Medicare Copay Assistance Program. This is designed to help patients reduce their copays and out-of-pocket costs for their medication. Our program partners with various foundations and manufacturer assistance programs to help make a patient’s medication affordable.

How do I apply for the Zytiga, Yonsa, or Abiraterone Copay Assistance Program?

Get started by filling out the form above and you will be contacted by the next business day. If you need assistance filling out the form, give us a call at (800)-496-6111. Someone from our team will help you get started on your journey toward more affordable Abiraterone Acetate and will also consult with you on your other medications to see if you qualify to save even more!

What are some brand names of Abiraterone Acetate?

The brand names are commonly Zytiga® and Yonsa®.

Abiraterone Acetate is what’s known as the “generic name” for this medication. Generic drugs are identical in formula to brand name drugs, but at a much lower cost to the patient.

How does Abiraterone Acetate help men with prostate cancer that has spread throughout the body?

Abiraterone Acetate stops the androgen-making process that inhibits androgen at three sources—the testes, adrenal glands, and tumor.

What are the common doses of Abiraterone Acetate?

Abiraterone Acetate is available in tablet form at 250mg per tablet. The most common dose is to take 1,000 mg of Abiraterone Acetate once per day along with 5 mg of prednisone orally twice per day, but you should aways consult your prescribing doctor to confirm which course of this medication is right for you.

Are there any possible side effects of Abiraterone Acetate?

Abiraterone Acetate may cause serious side effects including hypertension, adrenal problems, severe liver problems, low blood potassium levels, fluid retention, and irregular heartbeats. However, the most common side effects can include fatigue, heartburn or indigestion, sneezing, nasal congestion, ear congestion, body aches, sore throat, and upset stomach.

If you notice these or any other side effects that may be cause for concern please contact your prescribing doctor immediately or proceed to your nearest emergency room to confirm what you are experiencing is a result of this medication.

In addition, pregnant people or those who may become pregnant should take precautions and wear gloves when handling Abiraterone Acetate or its brand name counterparts. While there is no direct evidence that Abiraterone causes birth defects in humans when taken by the father at the time of conception, the drug can potentially affect sperm and its ability to fertilize an egg. Therefore, it is recommended that people who are taking Abiraterone should use effective contraception during sexual activity to avoid fathering a child while taking the drug.

What form does Abiraterone Acetate come in?

Abiraterone Acetate (Zytiga or Yonsa) comes in the form of tablets that are 250mg each. You may need to take multiple tablets at once to achieve the dose as prescribed by your doctor.

How do I take Abiraterone Acetate?

Take Abiraterone Acetate (Zytiga, Yonsa) by mouth exactly as prescribed by your doctor. For the best results, take Abiraterone Acetate on an empty stomach one hour before you eat or two hours after you eat.

What if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose of Abiraterone Acetate or Prednisone, you should take your prescribed dose the following day. If you miss more than one dose, please tell your healthcare provider immediately.

Is Abiraterone Acetate considered chemotherapy?

Abiraterone Acetate is known as an oral chemotherapy agent. Although these are commonly taken along with radiation, injectable or IV chemotherapy, oral chemotherapy agents are important in the regimen in decreasing tumor size and to stop the spread of the cancer. This medication should be handled with caution. While the pills have a thin coating on the outside, if the coating is exposed to water or the pill is otherwise split or damaged, please use gloves and take extra precaution when handling your medication. It is recommended to get in the habit of not touching this medication by administering it from a cup or the cap of your prescription bottle.

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