QuickRx Specialty Infusion Group

For two decades, QuickRx Pharmacy has delivered high quality, comprehensive care to patients with chronic, complex conditions. As one of the first specialty pharmacies in the NY area, we’ve pioneered a whole-health approach that provides personalized support and exceptional clinical care. We also provide the same level of service and patient-centered care in the specialty infusion market, offering patients both at-home infusion care and ambulatory care at our state-of-the-art Specialty Infusion Centers.

Specialty therapy conditions regularly treated at-home or in an ambulatory setting include:

We don’t just dispense your medication – we help you through your entire treatment.

Individualized Care Plans

Individualized Care Plans

Our specialty therapy coordinators help develop a personalized care plan for each patient based on their treatment needs and therapeutic goals. We coordinate with each patient and their provider to ensure they are set up for success whether you’re interested in at-home infusion care or ambulatory care at our Specialty Infusion Centers.

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Financial Administrative Assistance

We take the confusing part and make it easy. Our teams proactively research and facilitate patient enrollment in manufacturer co-pay, discount voucher and patient assistance programs where available.

Time Saving

Time-Saving Intake Coordination

We provide accelerated referral response and insurance verification support to assist you and your staff in managing your patient caseload. Our specialty infusion coordinators will also assist your office staff with prior authorization.

Clinical Monitoring

Clinical Monitoring and Reporting

Our QuickRx pharmacy team continuously monitor patients and keep their healthcare providers informed with comprehensive monitoring and reporting. Not only are our pharmacy experts available 24/7, we reach out to our providers and patients through various channels to promote adherence.

Our experienced team knows how to deliver continuity of care!