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What is Everolimus?

Everolimus is a prescription medicine that’s used to treat cancer. Everolimus is also approved to treat transplant rejection.

What are some brand names of Everolimus?

The brand names are commonly Afinitor®, Afinitor Disperz®, and Zortress®. 

What are the common doses of Everolimus?

The common dosage varies depending on which cancer the drug is being used to treat. For breast cancer, renal cell carcinoma, pancreatic cancer, renal angiomyolipoma, and neuroendocrine carcinoma, everolimus is taken 10 mg orally once per day. For brain/intracranial tumor treatment, the recommended dosage is 4.5 mg/m2 orally once per day. For organ transplant – rejection prophylaxis treatment, the recommended dosage is 0.75 mg orally twice a day for kidney transplants and 1 mg orally twice a day for liver transplants. For seizure treatment, everolimus is administered 5 mg/m2 orally once per day.

Are there any possible side effects of Everolimus?

Everolimus decreases your ability to fight infection from bacteria, viruses, and fungi and increases the risk of life-threatening infections. Other side effects include excessive tiredness; yellowing of the skin or eyes; loss of appetite; nausea; joint pain; dark urine; pale stools; pain in the upper right part of the stomach; rash; difficult, painful, or frequent urination; ear pain or drainage; sinus pain and pressure; or sore throat, cough, fever, chills, feeling unwell or other signs of infection.

What if I can’t afford Everolimus?

We believe that high deductibles and copays shouldn’t prevent anyone from receiving the medications they need. That’s why at QuickRx, we offer a Copay Assistance Program. This is designed to help patients reduce their copays and out-of-pocket costs for their medication. Our program partners with various foundations and manufacturer assistance programs to help make a patient’s medication affordable.

How do I apply for the program?

Here are the ways to apply for the program:

  • You can call us at (347)-691-3494 or toll-free at (800)-496-6111.
  • You can also fill out our Contact Form and someone will call you back within 1-2 business days.
How does Everolimus help treat cancer?

Everolimus is used to treat cancers when the patient has used at least one other medication.

What form does Everolimus come in?

Everolimus comes in a tablet form.

How do I take Everolimus?

Take Everolimus as a tablet by mouth and as a tablet to suspend in water and take by mouth.  

What if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose of Everolimus, take the dose right away if it’s within six hours of your scheduled dosage time. However, if it’s been more than six hours, skip the dose and continue your regular medicine schedule. 

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