Do Anxiety Meds Make You Lose Weight?

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Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental disorder in the U.S, affecting nearly 30% of adults at one point or another, or approximately 40 million Americans. Anxiety disorders are typically known as fear or anguish that persists or does not diminish over time. Unfortunately, no exact answer is available as to why they occur and affect such a high percentage of the population. The good news is that anxiety can typically be managed by lifestyle changes, cognitive therapy, or even with the help of medication.

Common Anxiety Medications

Treatment of anxiety disorder usually consists of a combination of therapy and medication. Among the most commonly prescribed treatment options are:

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors

Tricyclic antidepressants

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors



All of these are commonly used in the treatment and management of anxiety disorders. Due to the side effects and long-term use of these medications, they always require medical prescription and supervision.

Anxiety Meds and Weight Loss or Gain

Anxiety medications are not typically known to cause weight loss; they are often associated with weight gain instead. However, there is a certain class of anxiety medication that can be attributed to weight loss as a result of nausea and lack of appetite being elements of their side effects.

It’s difficult to say or state how a medication might alter or change a patient’s weight. Usually, any weight loss associated with SSRIs is short-term as the body adjusts to the medication. Users can actually expect an increase in weight as treatment continues.

You can expect your doctor to provide answers to most common questions like these. Always consult your doctor about any unusual changes or concerns, and perhaps discuss possible ways to prevent or manage anxiety medication weight loss or gain.

How to Prevent Weight Loss While on Anxiety Medication

It’s normal for your appetite to become affected as you start treatment, which can lead to weight loss. This should subside as your body adjusts to the medication, and your appetite should stabilize as the medicine continues to work. Consult with your doctor about nausea medication or nutritional support available to help manage and prevent drastic weight loss.

If you notice a specific medication possibly exacerbating your symptoms of nausea and decreased appetite, talk with your doctor about other possible treatment options.

Common antidepressants that are known to cause weight loss include:




Of these three medications, bupropion has the highest correlation with weight loss.

Why Does Anxiety Medication Affect Weight?

Although the answer is not clear, many believe the reason anxiety medications affect weight involves the impact the medication has on metabolism and hunger signals. Another reason concerns the nausea experienced by many at the beginning of treatment.

The Bottom Line

Antidepressants or anxiety medications are prescribed for the purpose of weight loss. For those whose weight seems to be impacted by the use of medication, side effects including nausea or increased appetite seem to be the cause. Like any other medication, side effects will often depend on the patient. Always consult your doctor about possible treatment options; always discuss possible side effects and interactions with other medications you could be taking.

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